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Congrats are in order to our CEO, Amber Lowe who will be receiving the Best Pivot Award <3

Comments from Amber ......

Now this is the way to start your day, waking up and realize you’re being honored for the resilience and stamina that it takes to pivot with the changing economy and circumstances around you.  I am very honored to be honored for having the ability to pivot in the world that is so uncertain. My father had a degree in finance. He was a very successful business owner and it makes all the difference in the world being able to pivot by being educated on financially literacy and so I welcome you to join me out at the celebration, but also come get information on how to pivot when necessary, because it will be the difference of you surviving whatever is thrown at you! I am super honored to be able to help lead the next generation of entrepreneurs! If you are a start up business or a business that really needs a facelift or fresh ideas,I encourage you to inbox me and let me tell you how you can join me at this event and come rub elbows with the best movers and shakers around! Thank you to the organizer of this movement and event Ms. Catherine Mitchell

Get your tickets now ----> Text TICKET to 832-501-0100

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