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Funniest Co-Worker Contest! Winner wins cash, travel and a reality show! #celebrityjudges #Houston #castingnow

Updated: May 8

Is your coworker one of the funniest people that you know and always has everyone cracking up over the water cooler? Do you have a coworker that you think should definitely do an open mic or be discovered? Do you have a coworker that is so funny that you would bet them against any other coworker anyone could ever bring that they would blow them away making people laugh????!!!!! ………because if you do then you definitely need to enter them in this new contest that we are putting on and looking for the next, professional comedian that you work with!! Celebrity judges, filmed for aTV and the dates for the contest will be announced in May but in the meantime, you can visit either one of our websites and you can send us a note about your coworker or have them reach out to us to enter the contest! On top of the cash prizes and travel giveaways we are also going to have an opportunity for the grand prize winner to get A REALITY TV SHOW!

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